About Sky Electronics

We are an open company, growing dynamically in the area of software development and installation for all kinds of vehicle fleets.
Our services are used by companies all around the world.

Our goal is to become a leader in the world market by providing products of the highest quality and accurately addressing our clients’ needs.

Key Members Of The Company

Aleksandr Tsarev

Managing Director

We see our task as satisfying the demands of our clients as well as possible and that’s why we offer the best product on the market with advanced technical support.

Nikolai Grebnev

Chief business development officer

We aim to inform all of our current and potential clients about all of the opportunities provided by our innovative solutions for monitoring and managing vehicles.

Irina Dziuba

Business analyst

We seek to inform all our actual and potential customers about all the functionality of our innovative solutions for monitoring and managing facilities.

Our Story


SkyElectronics was founded in 2009 in St Petersburg. At that time the company’s product range consisted of just one instrument for vehicle monitoring. In order to maintain our market position and not be swallowed by the industry giants we conscientiously created a genuinely high-quality product, paying close attention to the opinions and wishes of our clients and developed our software not to increase profits, but for user convenience and satisfaction. This strategy paid off.


In 2011 we opened a branch in Moscow. The growing number of permanent clients throughout Russia who needed a high-quality product for monitoring and analysing their vehicle fleet allowed us to not only expand the company’s scale of operation , but also to release new software for solving logistical and route-scheduling issues and also begin developing a new direction of video-analysis.


In 2013 SkyElectronics already had one of the largest dealer chains in Russia in the area of vehicle fleet software. This led to the opening of a new branch in Rostov-on-Don. We were continuously developing new solutions which made our client’s business easier to operate and helped them to earn more money. In 2013 the 1C solutions appeared in our product line, allowing us to integrate any of our software into our clients’ 1C system. In the same year projects connected with video monitoring developed significantly. The product Autoconductor appeared, allowing us to produce an automatic calculation of passenger traffic with a minimum error rate.


By the middle of 2014 we already had a complete software package for the entire workflow cycle of any transport company, from fuel monitoring and the automatic creation of fuel cards to financial reporting and document flow. If a client started working with us, they received full support in solving any of their issues. For this very reason our services are used by the largest companies in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).


In 2015 SkyElectronics opened official branches in India and the United Arab EmiratesIn 2015 SkyElectronics opened official branches in India and the United Arab Emirates and obtained the trust of large overseas companies.


SkyElectronics today is one of the leading software developers for transport monitoring systems. The monitoring system PILOT, created by the company’s specialists, is used in enterprises of various economic sectors all around the world. Our technology outperforms that of the majority of companies in the same niche. After all, we offer that which is relevant now and will be in demand in the near future. Focusing on work with clients, we aim to have a deep understanding of the particularities and demands of their businesses. We are happy to solve the issues that other transport monitoring companies have refused to so that our clients receive maximum effectiveness from the PILOT system. Such an approach is profitable for our clients and leaves them feeling satisfied with our cooperation.

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