Axle load monitoring system

Pilot Telematics axle load monitoring sensor is designed
to monitor the load on vehicles with air and spring suspension.

The sensor allows you to measure the weight of the road train, as well as the weight of the cargo being transported.

System components

The system consists of a head unit and weight sensor.
An unlimited number of sensors can be connected to the head unit.
Each sensor is identified by the head unit separately.

System benefits

The system gives indications
for the weight of the cargo and the road train separately

Information on the weight indicators
is transmitted to the driver’s display

A separate sensor is installed of the trailer, which can be connected to arbitrary head unit by transmitting it’s unique identifier which can serve as the trailer identifier

The head unit works with weight sensors without the need for reconfiguration when a new sensor is connected. All sensor settings are stored directly in the sensors themselves, thus the transfer is carried out without any additional settings by the trailer identifier