The LogBook Module is the electronic equivalent. With access to this electronic journal, the driver can fill out information about
The agricultural sector is one of the most important in the world. It provides the world’s population with foodstuff.
This new version of the module can interact with the GARM module and the Online section.
The ECO-Driving module’s list of parameters is now optional.
We have updated the Technical Service module and renamed it as Service.
Sky Electronics has opened an office in Brazil.
the Sky Electronics has become one of the leading products in the Ghanaian market.
In the Events section, you can now display events and notifications on the map in the heat map format.
The Analytics module is for the display of various graphics and pie charts on which data about the parameter changes
Sky Electronics office begins its work in Mexico. Now there is an active work on training of the personnel and
The GARM platform is a universal solution that allows you to organize a wide range of security and telematic services.
You can view videos online, download the history of movement, conduct an audio channel for both online listening and storage.