System Updates August 2018
In August pratically every module in the system was affected by updates. In this article we will speak about them in more detail.

Updates to the Logistics-Navigator module:

  • The algorithm for distributing orders has changed. It is now quicker and more optimal.
  • A visual representation of the percentage that a vehicle is loaded has been created
  • A function to analyze the profitability of orders has been implemented. Thanks to this function, users can now determine the places where orders have accumulated, the places where orders have a maximum/minimum cost and users can also add their own profitability criteria.
  • A visual representation of order geometry has been created. This function enables the list of delivery routes to be analyzed.

Function updates of the satellite vehicle monitoring system PILOT:

  • The fuel analysis algorithm has been optimized. It has been improved considerably in the areas of analyzing fake draining and refueling.
  • Integration with the service station management complex KMAZS-Office has been carried out