The 'Object Monitoing' Module has found a
use in Garbage Trucks
In February 2018 our company released a new Object Monitoring Module, which found use in a
garbage removal company just a few days after the release. The name of this module speaks for
itself – its main function is monitoring cargo on its way to the destination. Any object, both animate
and inanimate, is considered cargo. The module allows the following parameters to be monitored:

  • Pick-up Location
  • Off-loading Point
  • Itinerary of Cargo Movements
  • Cargo Condition at Every Stage of Transportation
  • Cargo Location
  • Hauling History
The module allows the following reports to be compiled:

  • Cargo pick-up reports. This report shows cargo, which was transferred within a specified time frame. The information about the cargo, which wasn't transferred, can be received separately.
  • Cargo transportation reports about specific loads.
  • Information about the vehicle which carried the cargo and its route.

For more information about how this module works and for a more detailed look at its capabilities you can familiarize yourself with an article where the cargo control module as used by a garbage collecting and recycling company is described. All the participants in the process can monitor the stages and statuses in real time. To enhance the usage of the vehicle fleet the system automatically calculates the time necessary for the task's completion, taking into account road conditions. This allows transport be used with
maximum effectiveness.