PILOT - GPS Vehicle tracking system

Convenient Solutions for Monitoring Commercial Fleets
A specialised platform for monitoring commercial fleets.
A convenient way of cutting costs and increasing effectiveness.

    Quantity of vehicles in the system: 230 000+

    Unique Functions of PILOT GPS

    PILOT is a multifunctional, telematic platform that performs a variety of tasks

    Integration of Third-Party Services

    The PILOT platform is integrated with various third-party software which allows us to offer the end-user a comprehensive solution with access to the required functions in one window. Today our list of partners includes the majority of fuel companies for which fuel card integration is carried out, and various accounting and financial system software developers. Our system is integrated with other services which can be used both on transport and in other areas, for example, the Live video monitoring system and ticketing systems.

    Customised Solutions

    Each of our clients can expect a customised solution specific to their needs. We understand that packaged solutions are often not equipped to handle complex tasks which is why we offer a whole range of customised solutions which meet the specific needs of our clients. Our experience allows us to quickly find and implement solutions, while our portfolio of completed cases allows implementation to occur as quickly as possible.

    The System's Functional Modules

    Monitoring Kilometerage and Fuel

    PILOT, the transport monitoring system, allows the user to monitor haulage, fuel consumption rate and calculate the operating hours of various vehicles.
    When implementing PILOT the fleet monitoring system, we use various GPS-Glonass equipment (a list of such supported equipment is attached) depending on the customer's requirements. Our company primarily uses the equipment Galileo, Signal, Teltonika and Ruptella.

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    Monitoring the Quality of Driving

    Aggressive manoeuvres, braking, speeding, driving with high RPMs - all of this leads to the wear-out of parts and emergency situations on the road. The driving quality module in PILOT allows you to identify improper driving.

    Remote Control and the Anti-Theft System

    The specialised model of the PILOT system called GARM allows you to control your vehicle remotely with the help of a special mobile application. Using this application you will be able to start the engine, block the engine, engage and disengage the security system. The solution can be supplied with a wireless relay to block the engine and with lockout capability.

    Monitoring Traffic Rule
    Compliance and Fines

    The transport monitoring system PILOT allows the user to track traffic offences. Offences are recorded for each separate stretch of road which has speed limits. Speed limits are taken from the State Road Safety Inspectorate. The vehicle's speed is compared to the legal speed on that stretch of road.
    The PILOT system is connected to the State Information System for Regional and Local Payments, which allows us to receive data about the issuing of fines. Our clients receive notifications about new fines in real time. Additionally, reports about the fines received by each driver and each vehicle are available.

    Fuel Cards

    The transport monitoring system PILOT is integrated with the majority of fuel card operators which allows additional analysis about fuel turnover. What does this function provide?
    1. It is impossible for a third-party to use this card to refuel a foreign vehicle. The system analyses the location of the vehicle to which the card is attached and the location of the service station where the refuelling process is taking place.
    2. Automatic comparison of the volume of fuel deducted from the card and the volume of fuel pumped into the vehicle's fuel tank.

    Photo and Video Monitoring

    With the help of PILOT, the transport monitoring system, it is possible to employ photo and video control. You are able to load user-specific settings which will determine photo and video recording. These recordings will be transmitted to a server in real time. If necessary you can connect to the video camera on the monitored vehicle and watch the video in real time.

    Freight Haulage Monitoring

    PILOT vehicle tracking system enables the monitoring of freight hauling. While monitoring, the system records:
    • Temperature conditions
    • Places of shipment, unloading and suitable stops
    • Violations of speed limit during delivery
    • Any changes in the cargo's mass
    • The opening of access panels (doors)

    Interview with the Director of the Warehouse and Transport Logistics Department of Trade House TALOSTO - Yevgeni Smirnov

    Representative from Sky Electronics
    Are you satisfied with the results of the system implementation?
    Yevgeni Smirnov
    Director of Warehouse and Transport Logistics
    In short, very satisfied.
    Representative from Sky Electronics
    Which aspects of the system would you like to highlight, which aspects are more important for you?
    Yevgeni Smirnov
    Director of Warehouse and Transport Logistics
    The main aspect is the people and that's what I'd like to highlight. During the time we've been working together, our company has always received timely feedback, and the most interesting thing is that many of the initiatives regarding the product's enhancement quite often come from the side of the supplier and that is sure to please anyone.
    Representative from Sky Electronics
    So above all you're satisfied with the supplier's competency?
    Yevgeni Smirnov
    Director of Warehouse and Transport Logistics
    It goes without saying. The second thing is the efficiency. All tasks are carried out within the required period.
    Representative from Sky Electronics
    And how often do malfunctions occur?
    Yevgeni Smirnov
    Director of Warehouse and Transport Logistics
    I'm struggling to answer because it's really rare. We solved that issue at the beginning of our work together. We have a signed contract of financial liability with the drivers, they are responsible for any damage to the devices. That's probably why nothing is ever broken.
    Representative from Sky Electronics
    Thank you for your time.

    A Letter of Recommendation from Trade House TALOSTO