PTM dispatcherisation complex update
The application management system, PTM, was updated this month. As you know from our previous news, PTM is actively used by concrete-producing companies, by taxi services as a system for corporate vehicle fleet management and continues to find use in various spheres. Great interest in the system encourages us to keep improving it. Several subsystems have been updated together.

The updated system enables:

  • Notifications with information based on a pre-set template to be sent to drivers when a task is given
  • Notifications about down time
  • Notifications about pre-planned deviations from the timetable
  • Notifications from the operator and customer about arrival/departure to the next point on the route
  • Deviations from the pre-planned loading/unloading time

The forecast system update.

The system for forecasting movement along a route has also begun to include the following factors when making calculations: the time given for loading/unloading, an occupational calendar and planned working time and break time for drivers. Each parameter is optional and can be switched off by a user.