Vehicle Inspection Module Update
We have updated the Vehicle Inspection Module completely. The new module can work in conjunction with the Number Plate Vehicle Inspection Module, which allows all the vehicle's technical information to be automatically accessed using the number plate details. The system automatically determines the vehicle's make and model, after which the system analyses the vehicle's current mileage and uploads a complete list of upcoming maintenance requirements.
Each list includes information about when the service is required (based on mileage and/or other factors) and also a list of tasks and spare parts required. The process is completely automatic and does not require user interaction As soon as the list of maintenance requirements is found the system offers the user the option of activating a reminder about the service. The reminders work on the principle of average parameter calculation on a daily basis. For example, if you would like to receive a reminder a week before reaching the indicated mileage, the system calculates the average daily mileage and will send you a reminder a week before the service, based on the average daily mileage.