Fuel Monitoring in DDG (Diesel Driven Generator)
To organise fuel monitoring in Diesel Driven Generators (DDG). DDGs of various manufacturers with both regularly and irregularly shaped fuel tanks

Solutions We Have Offered:
All the DDGs were divided into 3 types. The following solutions were set up for each type of DDG:
  1. Fuel-monitoring with help of in-tank sensors. A decision to fit every tank with 2 fuel sensors was made to reduce the influence of vibration. ESCORT TD-150 sensors were used;
  2. Differential pulse fuel meters from Technoton were used for irregularly shaped fuel tanks;
  3. CAN-adapters were used for DDG with Modbus interface;

On the first day after installation each object which had been fitted with the system detected a 40% shortage of fuel from the daily quota. After the first month of usage fuel expenses decreased 38%